The ML/AI Community For Web3

ML/AI model building platform and model serving system

Our Methodology

Build, train, and deploy models with Web3 infrastructures

Smart Contract
Edge Computing

Privacy Protection

Enable user to integrate their sensitive data into Al model (IM, Biometric and more)


AI/ML Developers and users can share the value of AI application

Private Owned Data

Build the ML/AI development platform with users owned data stored in IFPS

What our platform could provide you with

Theseus has a variety of features that make it the best place to start trading

Web3 wasn’t meant to be siloed

Connect to the entire universe of web3 content with Theseus's data AI protocol. Set to launch this year, Theseus's AI SDK will be decentralized. Devs, dapps, and protocols can query across any engine and enjoy open access to web3 without violating user privacy

How Theseus works

  • User features and data will be stored in users' local clients
  • ML models will be trained locally and updated globally
  • Global features, ex. Short videos or Items will be saved on the cloud server
  • Utilze federal learning to train models on user's client and upload the tradient parameters to the cloud server
  • AI system will be deployed on edge devices and other ecosystem contributors

Web3 empowers the new paradigm of ML

Unlock the value of users owned data from all scenarios with Theseus's decentralized ML/AI infrastructure. Plan to launch in 2023, Theseus will enable ML developers to build models with user owned private data stored in their P2P storage

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